EeonTex (TM) Conductive Textiles
Fabrics of all constructions and compositions coated with conducting polymer formulations to surface resistivities between 10 ohm/sq and 10 billion ohm/sq. Gradient/tapered resistances are also available.
Used in radar and microwave (MW) suppression, electrostatic dissipation (ESD), pressure and MW radiation sensors, resistive and MW heating/curing, and antenna applications.
Metallized Fabrics
Metallized Fabrics Highly conductive nylon fabrics, nonwovens, and meshes of all constructions coated with silver, nickel, copper, tin and gold. Surface resistivities below 0.01 ohm/sq are available.Used for EMI RFI shielding in numerous forms (gaskets, tents, pouches, tape, wall linings, etc.), fencing vests, reflecting backplanes, medical skin electrodes, batteries and fuel cells, antibacterial wipes and wound dressings, and IR camouflage applications.
Continuous Nonwoven Mats of Carbon and Other Fibers
Continuos Nonwoven Mats Thin, lightweight, porous mats made of chopped carbon, glass, polyester, and nickel-coated carbon fiber. They are used most prominently in composites for reflective backplanes, lightning strike protection, radar-absorbing structures (RAS), EMI shielding, and ESD. Also used for medical skin electrodes and battery and fuel cells.
Carbon Fiber, Siverized Yarns, and Other Conductive Fibers
Conductive fibers PAN-based carbon fiber, 3-24K tow sizes, for composites.
Nickel-coated carbon fiber, both continuous and chopped of all tow sizes, for EMI shielding, lightning strike protection, and ESD composites and mats. Silver-coated nylon yarns and fibers for conductive thread/wire, EMI shielding, ESD, and antimicrobial applications. Copper sulfide-coated nylon yarns for ESD, antimicrobial, and RFID applications.
Eeonomer(TM) Conductive Additives
Eeonomer High performance conductive powders made of carbon blacks coated with inherently conducting polymers. Eeonomers have enhanced properties including excellent conductivity, thermal stability, controllability, processability, and tunable resin compatibility.
Eeonomers can be incorporated into many different matrices and used for EMI shielding, static dissipation, conductive adhesives and coatings, and stealth applications. Eeonomers have been shown to enhance considerably both the electrical and thermal conductivity of silver-loaded adhesives. The new Eeonomer Z series is available in lightly colored versions.
EeonFoam(TM) Lossy Foams
EeonFoam Open-cell urethane foams loaded to any resistance; gradients also available. Used in EMI suppression, MW absorption, cross talk reduction, antenna isolation and side-lobe adjustment, anechoic chambers, and ESD applications.
Fibreohm(TM) Resistive Wire
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Fibreohm Non metallic, flexible, insulated wire having linear resistances from 5 ohm/in to 500K ohm/in. Used where interactions with electromagnetic fields (EMF) must be minimized, such as EMF meters and probes and patient-connected sensors. New, very thin, metallized fiber, <4 ohm/in (1.5 ohm/cm) version
EMI Shielding Gaskets and Tapes
EMI Very forgiving, metallized fabric-over-foam (FOF) gaskets of numerous profiles and conductive fabric tapes for EMI shielding.We now offer new, copper-coated fabric tape.Use our conductive fabric tape for cable wrap shielding.
DataStop Shielding Glass
DataStop Shielding Glass Clear, conductive glass ideally suited for shielded windows and enclosures where complete light transparency is required.
Rex Radar-absorbing Mat
Rex Radar Hardy, outdoor carpet-like material ideal for mitigating multipath reflections in radar ranges, reducing radar signatures of military vehicles and ships, and serving as MW-absorbing flooring for anechoic chambers.