Metallized Fabrics

Marktek's Metallized fabrics are nylon-based, thin, lightweight, wovens, knits, and nonwovens of varied constructions that are coated with silver, nickel, copper, tin, and gold. These stretchy fabrics are commonly used in our new line of veterinarian wound dressing wraps, called Medtex Vet wraps.  Also recently introduced is the SilverTex antibacterial, hand wipe made of SBRM48 silverized nylon ripstop.  See below for more information.

The most heavily metal-coated woven, NCS95R, has a surface resistivity below 0.01 ohm/sq. The nonwoven versions (NCPB15, TCPB15, and CPB15) are commonly used as wall linings for architectural shielding. We offer unique silverized knits of spandex and nylon that are stretchable in one (SMP180) or two directions (SMP130).

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Metallized fabrics provide excellent shielding of electromagnetic radiation from low frequency electric fields to high frequency far
fields (plane wave) radiation. Shielding performance increases with conductivity and density and thickness of the particular fabric.

Graph of shielding effectiveness of NCPB15 and picture of metallized nonwovens commonly used to line walls for architectural shielding. These nonwovens can be installed like wallpaper.

Shielded seizure pouches for cell phones and other electronic devices are made of metallized cloth. An open mesh, such as NCSM65, allows for "see-throughability". Tents (portable, collapsible enclosures) of any size, from 1 m x 1 m x 1.5 m on up, can be made, with shielding effectiveness up to 70 dB. The tents are used for temporary security out in the field or for EMC pre-compliance testing. Why move your device to a test lab every time you need to perform an EMC test? Many options, such as flame resistance, ventilation, lighting, filters, are available. Call for a quote.

Beyond their electrical conductivity and EMI shielding properties, silverized fabrics have real biomedical applications.  They serve as
medical electrodes attached to patients' skin, and they act as
bactericidal agents, because they release cationic silver, a broad
spectrum bactericide known to man for millennia.  More recently, silver
has been shown to kill MRSA.[S. Thomas, Surgical Material Testing
Laboratory (UK), 2004]

Maximum effectiveness for Wound Care
Medtex-Vet wrap and pads are contact dressings that yield positive outcomes to partial thickness burns, lacerations, abrasion, incisions, as well as post surgery recovery. A drug-free wound management, Medtex-Vet wound care has proven results treating proud flesh, scratches, hoof fungus, girth and saddle sores, and sand burns.

Medtex-Vet wound care is a long-lasting, antibacterial dressing incorporating a time tested, antibacterial agent: silver. Medtex-Vet products are manufactured with 100% medical grade nylon fabric that has been plated with 99% pure silver.  Fabrics typically used are SMP180, SBAL317, STUL35, and SBRM48.

Medtex-Vet Products are environmentally safe and non-toxic to humans and animals and are non-toxic to healing tissues without systemic effects. Medtex-Vet Wound Care is designed to be placed directly over the wound to prevent disruption of healing tissues during routine dressing changes.

Introducing New SilverTex Hand Wipes
Did you know that 1) only 7% of money examined in a recent test of currency in circulation was totally germ-free, and 2) 18% of coins and 7% of paper money studied had serious disease-causing bacteria, including staphylococcus aureus? [Lowe, UCSF, 1999].  People who handle a lot of money as part of their daily jobs (e.g., bank tellers, cashiers) should wash their hands often. Use SilverTex hand wipes in between washings for added safety. SilverTex hand wipes exploit the antibacterial properties of silver to reduce bacteria counts on wiped surfaces.

Another new product is SBRM48-IR, a specially silver-plated nylon ripstop fabric designed for infrared camouflage (reducing IR/heat signatures).