EeonTex (TM) Conductive Textiles
EeonTex (TM) Conductive Textiles
EeonTex (TM) Conductive Net
EeonTex (TM) Conductive Twill
EeonTex (TM) Glass
EeonTex Static Dissipative Hook & Loop, different widths
Metallized Fabrics

Metallized Fabrics

ALFS204 - scrim-backed aluminum foil
CSR68 - copper-coated nylon ripstop
NCPB15 - nickel/copper-coated point-bonded nonwoven
NCPT2 - nickel/copper-coated polyester taffeta
NCSM65 - nickel/copper/silver-coated nylon mesh
NCS72R - nickel/copper/silver-coated nylon ripstop
NCS72R-FR - flame-resistant nickel/copper/ silver-coated nylon ripstop
NCS72T - nickel/copper/silver-coated nylon taffeta
NCS95RT - nylon ripstop or taffeta heavily coated with nickel/copper/silver
NCPM130 - nickel/copper-coated polyester mesh
NSR58 - nickel/silver-coated nylon ripstop
SBAL317 - silverized nylon knit
SBRM48 - silverized nylon ripstop
SBRMC60 - silverized nylon ripstop with one-sided
carbon coating
SEK73615 - silverized stretchable open knit
SMP130 - silverized bidirectionally stretchy fabric
SMP180 - silverized unidirectionally stretchy fabric
SMR2611 - silverized nylon knit mesh
SPB15 - silver-coated, point-bonded, nylon nonwoven
STUL35 - silverized nylon knit
TCPB15 - tin/copper - coated point - bonded nylon nonwoven
TCS72T - tin/copper-coated nylon taffeta
Continuous Nonwoven Mats of Carbon and Other Fibers
Continuos Nonwoven Mats

C10001xxxT Series of Carbon Nonwovens
C100040xxT Series of Carbon Nonwovens
Nickel-coated Carbon Nonwovens NC10004xxxT
PC703006020T Polyester-Carbon Nonwoven

GC802001020T Glass-Carbon Nonwoven

G10001xxxT Series of Glass Nonwoven Mats
Carbon Fiber, Siverized Yarns, and Other Conductive Fibers
Conductive fibers

SMF10300 Silverized Nylon Filler
S11034Y Silverized Nylon Yarn
S211034Y Silverized Nylon Yarn
S212517Y Silverized Nylon Yarn
S223534Y Silverized Nylon Yarn
S23534Y Silverized Nylon Yarn
S4412Y Silverized Nylon Yarn
S423534Y Silverized Nylon Embroidery Yarn
Nickel-coated Carbon Fiber
Thunderon® Conductive Fibers
Elastic, Silverized Nylon/Lycra Yarn
3K - 24K tow Carbon Fiber
Eeonomer(TM) Conductive Additives
Eeonomer™ Conductive Fillers
EeonFoam(TM) Lossy Foams
Coming Soon
Fibreohm(TM) Resistive Wire
FibreohmTM Resistive Wire
F010022235SW - New, thin, metallized fiber version
EMI Shielding Gaskets and Tapes
Coming Soon
DataStop Shielding Glass
DataStop Shielding Glass
Coming Soon
Rex Radar-absorbing Mat
Rex Radar
Rex Radar - Absorbing Mat